Why Wodehouse Tea

The Wodehouse Tea Crew
Why Wodehouse Tea? Good question. To answer that, we ask you to consider another question: what's the difference between an ordinary tea and an extraordinary one?

We believe it's that little bit extra. Like choosing teas grown organically (no harmful chemicals or other funny business). Or sourcing from gardens that uphold high social and environmental standards like the Ethical Tea Partnership.

Whether it's packaging that locks out moisture, or specially designed, temperature-controlled storage that preserves tea at 20° - 25°C until shipped, or providing customers a convenient zip-lock pouch that retains the tea's freshness - it's the little details that make the difference.

But let's be honest, though. Our tea won't make you any younger. It won’t make you a superstar (any more than you already are). But it is good for you. And for the people who grow it, and the environment too. As the saying goes… Not snooty. Not hoity-toity. Just great tea.
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